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Information For Families

Information For Families

The History of Gainsborough Central Public School

Looking at Gainsborough School today it is hard to believe that the students who first went to this school were from one and two room rural school houses!

The school is centrally located in the old township of Gainsboro at Bismark, Ontario. The school is known as Gainsborough Central Public School today. The school is 8 kilometres south-east of Smithville. The boundaries encompass an area of 75 square miles, the largest elementary area in the District School Board of Niagara. About 15% of the families work on farms as full-time farmers - the remainder commute to larger cities surrounding the area.

In 1945, seven of the eleven Gainsborough schools formed Township School Area No. 1 with a school board consisting of five trustees. All schools eventually joined the Township school area to create the Gainsborough Township School area Board.

The Gainsborough Township School area Board and trustees were determined to replace the one and two room rural schools with modern facilities. The board considered building two schools, one at either end of the township but ultimately, decided that it would be wiser to have a single school, in a location central to most residents. The board took the necessary steps to build a modern, well-equipped school which opened September 1965. The students were transported by Butler Bus Lines, owned and operated by local residents Walter and Anne Butler of Boyle. Since then, two additions to the school have been added. In January 1969, the Lincoln County Board of Education took over Gainsborough School and all the other local school boards.

Gainsborough school has a proud history of providing an excellent climate for learning. Staff and parents have worked together to provide excellent programmes, cooperation and support necessary for all the students of Gainsborough School.